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md mukter
16 jul 2022
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in ad copy . This term is a purchase trigger. Use accelerators to create a feeling of urgency and entice the consumer to buy. Make reference to the number of products in stock . An alternative idea to awaken the feeling of urgency and sell faster. Create a clipping path service new remarketing audience with users who visit your website during the weekend and use it to launch campaigns with higher bids. Social ads To get the most out of this Black Friday, expand the campaign to social media ads . Here are some keys: Launch attractive offers to combat saturation . To ensure conversions you must have a competitive offer and include accelerators to motivate the user to click. Create sales-focused campaigns . On these dates, consumers are predisposed to buy, so take advantage of the momentum with sales conversion campaigns (web or app) and pause interaction or lead generation campaigns. Use remarketing with discounts . Go to the users who have visited your website and offer them a discount on the products they have been looking at or that they have abandoned in the cart. 22 good practices to increase your sales on Black Friday 2021 Offer free shipping . For the consumer, free shipping is a very attractive digital marketing hook, even if it means raising the price of products. You can offer free shipping without limit or from a certain total cost, to encourage purchases to reach that minimum. Express the discount in the most attractive way . According to Jonah Berger's "rule of 100", if the price of the item is below 100, it is better to use a percentage (for example, 25% off). Instead, if the price is more than 100, it is better to use an absolute value (for example, $25). Offer easy-to-calculate discounts . Avoid "strange" figures like 23%, as they are difficult to calculate
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md mukter

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